Woodman Speedz Magnet


Of the many speed magnets on the market few are as well crafted as the WOOdman Components Speedz Magnet. Expertly machined out of 7075 aluminum the quality of workmanship can be truly appreciated during installation. With their patent pending design WOOdman has devised a way to securely mount their magnet to any spoke be it round or bladed. Unlike similar magnets, the Speedz magnet is secured with an aluminum set screw with 6mm wrench flats. To eliminate the possibility of the magnet coming loose, the set screw is completely enclosed in the housing. This provides stronger contact with the spoke and reduces the possibility of stripped threads. Utilizing a rare earth magnet for the best performance in all conditions these magnets will have your wheel based computer system reading accurately throughout the most arduous of rides. Available in two lengths to fit any bike the Speedz magnet is the best way to ensure your cycling computer never misses a mile.

Woodman recommends using a 6mm socket head bolt in the installation of their Speedz magnets to avoid stripping or marring the set screw

Weight, S1.8 grams
Weight, M2.3 grams
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