White Industries Center Lock Disc Rear Hub


White Industries is a name synonymous with high-end boutique bicycle components.  One of the few remaining component companies who manufactures their goods in the USA, the White Industries team engineers, machines, and assembles their bomb-proof products in Sonoma County California.

Hubs have been one of the products that the company has focused on since their inception.  This shows in their hub designs, which are modern and refined while simultaneously retaining classic and timeless aesthetics.  Their CLD (Center Lock Disc) hubs are a perfect example, with provisions for modern, thru-axle disc brake bikes mated with elegant, almost understated looks.  Machined from 6061 aluminum, the White Industries CLD hubs look equally sharp whether on a custom steel bike or a high-tech composite build.  Adopting the Shimano centerlock rotor mounting standard has allowed White Industries to make their lightest disc hubs ever, however no sacrifices were made in regards to durability.  Weights are also kept low through the ultilization of 6al4v titanium for the freehub body.  This titanium Shimano-style freehub body operates on a 3-pawl drive mechanism with 48 points of engagement and is compatible with 11 speed cassettes as well as 9/10 speed cassettes with the provided spacer.  These 24 hole 12 x 142 thru-axle hubs are available in black with beautifully laser-etched silver logos.  They are compatible with all Shimano centerlock disc rotors (including the ICE 140mm rotors).  The White Industries CLD hubs are an excellent choice for any road disc or cyclocross/adventuring build.

Weight279 grams
Hub Shell Material6061 aluminum
Freehub Material6al4v titanium
Freehub StandardShimano Road 11
Axle Standard12 x 142 thru-axle
Bearing Sizes6902-2rs (3), 3802W (1)
Rear Disc Brake Hubs
Road Disc
TA 12x142
Freehub Body:
Shimano Road 11