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Vredestein Latex Tube, 700 x 18/25

Vredestein Latex Tube, 700 x 18/25

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Weight45 grams
Tire Compatibility700c x 18-25
Valve TypePresta, removable
Valave Length60 mm
Vredestein Latex Tube, 700 x 18/25 700 x 18/25 $15.00 Notify Me When Available


To get the best ride quality and performance from a clincher wheel, the best tire needs to be paired with the best tubes. Vredestein Tricomp Slick, with their high thread counts, soft rubber compounds, and careful construction closely simulate a true tubular tire while maintaining the convenience of the clincher design. However, the often overlooked variable in this equation is the inner tube. Nearly all tubular tires are equipped with latex tubes (as opposed to common butyl rubber) to improve rolling resistance and road feel and to save precious weight.

Vredestein latex tubes are generally considered to be the best of all latex tubes manufactured anywhere.

These latex tubes are lightly talc'd at the factory to improve performance and ease installation. As with any tube, care should be taken during installation to prevent pinching the tube between the tire and rim sidewall. We do not recommend the use of tire levers when installing latex tubes.