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Velocity Veloplugs

Velocity Veloplugs
Velocity Veloplugs
Weight Each15 grams
Weight per 162.5 grams
Weight per 203.0 grams
Weight per 243.7 grams
Weight per 284.3 grams
Weight per 324.9 grams
Weight per 365.5 grams
Red Plug Size8 mm
Yellow Plug Size8.5 - 9.3 mm
Velocity Veloplugs Red $0.25  2 Remaining
Velocity Veloplugs Yellow $0.25  10 Remaining


All standard drilled clincher rims have spoke holes that must be covered to prevent tubes from expanding into the rim's inner cavity. Rim tape, usually manufactured from cloth or plastic, works well for this purpose, but creates new problems in the process. Rim tape effective increases the diameter of the rim's inner section, so tire removal can become difficult. When replacing broken spokes the rim tape must be at least partially removed, which can compromise the adhesive backing and require replacement. On the other hand, many non-adhesive plastic rim strips have sharp seams that can actually puncture the tube rather than protect it.

Enter the Velocity Veloplug. Rather than using a single strip to cover all the spoke holes, the Velocity system covers each hole individually. The Veloplugs are designed with a low profile and slick surface, so tire removal is a breeze. Need to replace a broken spoke? Just pop out the corresponding plug, then pop it back in when you're done; they can be used over and over again. Veloplugs are designed with a ridiculously high blowout rating - 400 psi, almost four times standard road tire pressures. Of course, due to their minimalist design the Veloplugs are also much lighter than rim tape - up to 30 grams per wheel lighter, in fact.

Red Veloplugs are compatible with rim holes that are nominally 8 mm in diameter. Most non-eyelet aluminum rims will use this size. Yellow Veloplugs are compatible with most eyelet-style rims with holes 8.5-9.3 mm in diameter. Veloplugs are not compatible with Edge Composites clincher rims.


Veloplugs are sold per plug, so you can order just as much as you need. However, we recommend buying a few extra as spares in case one gets lost or damaged.