Tune Xpanda Expander Plug


Tune’s latest generation expander plug, the X-PanDa, is a complete redesign from their previous offering.  This new design manages to improve in all departments: weight, functionality, ease of installation, and durability.  While the X-PanDa is primarily manufactured from aluminum (a single silicone o-ring being the only exception), it manages to come in at a lighter weight than its mostly silicone-based predecessor, the “Gum Gum”.  Careful machining of these aluminum components has not only allowed a 2 gram weight savings over the previous generation (7 grams vs. 9 grams), but also helps achieve a tighter hold.  The three lateral segments feature machined out centers for weight savings while the remaining grooved aluminum provides a strong, wide clamping surface.  The X-PanDa works on the commonly used wedge design to achieve proper clamping force.  Both the bottom and top wedge pieces, also carefully machined from aluminum for maximum weight savings, provide the incline surfaces used to move the three lateral segments (held in place by a silicone o-ring) into their clamping position.  The top piece, called the “support plate”, features a handy lip that sits on top of the steerer tube, preventing the expander from dropping down into the steerer.  Designed for lightweight carbon steerer tubes, the X-PanDa provides not only strong, but also gentle clamping forces (it works with metal steerer tubes as well).  The plug is finished in black with white logos and text.  Beyond the Tune logo, the text explains “if you can read this something’s missing”, referencing that a top cap and M5 bolt are still needed for compression and headset adjustment.  Designed for use with 1 1/8” diameter steerer tubes, the X-PanDa is compatible with a wide range of steerer inner diameters (22.1mm-25.2mm ID).  Along with the provided carbon assembly paste, only a 6mm allen wrench is required for installation.  This incredibly well thought out redesign should definitely be a top consideration when shopping for a lightweight, yet robust expander plug. 

Weight7 grams
Material7075 T6 aluminum (with a silicone o-ring)
Compatibility1 1/8" steerer OD, 22.1 - 25.2 mm steerer ID