Tune Speedneedle Marathon Saddle


For years Tune's Speedneedle was considered to be the saddle of choice for weight-conscious European riders. Unfortunately, due to low production capacity Tune was unable to allow export of this saddle outside of Europe, making them extremely hard to find in the western hemisphere. Finally, the Speedneedle is available in North America in a variety of options. The design starts with a full carbon shell and uses a two piece leather top with foam padding beneath. The shell is mounted on huge 10 mm oval carbon fiber rails reinforced with an outer aramid layer to prevent clamping damage. This saddle definitely ranks high on the list of all time best saddles.

Marathon - This wider version of the Speedneedle allows for greater comfort over long rides, while also offering an additional fit option for riders with wider sit bones.

Weight 100 grams
Colors Black
Width Marathon 135mm
Rail Size 10mm
Material Carbon fiber / Kevlar