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Tune Smartfoot Bottom Bracket

Tune Smartfoot Bottom Bracket
Weight, BB30 68/7358 grams
Weight, BSA 68/7392 grams
Bearingssteel cartridge, 6806 (2)
Tune Smartfoot Bottom Bracket BB30 68/73 $65.00 In Stock
Tune Smartfoot Bottom Bracket BSA 68/73 $100.00 In Stock


These bottom bracket bearing kits are designed specifically for Tune's Smartfoot road and mountain cranksets. For simplification, each bottom bracket is compatible with both road and mountain cranksets, and includes all the necessary adapters. These kits feature high quality Japanese sealed cartridge bearings and Enduro external rubber seals.


Not all options are listed here. Smartfoot cranksets are compatible with nearly all modern bottom bracket standards. Please contact us for more information.

Tune's BSA bottom bracket cups require a Shimano HTII style installation tool. BB30 bottom brackets will require a bearing press and associated 6806 bearing drifts.