Tubolito Tubo-S MTB Ultralight Spare Tube


Before founding Tubolito, Christian Lembacher and Akos Kertesz gained extensive knowledge of thermoplastics while working in the mobile phone industry.  In developing mobile phone speaker membrane solutions, the pair worked with various ultra-thin yet durable membranes.  Being avid cyclists, the potential for these materials in the cycling industry became apparent.  This potential was realized through the research and development that led to the introduction of Tubolito tubes.

Tubolito revolutionized the bicycle inner tube with the introduction of their standard thermoplastic Tubolito Tubo tubes (available here), which are between 2 and 3 times lighter than standard butyl tubes, while being twice as strong and half the packed size.  With their new S-Tubo MTB line, Tubolito takes the weight savings and packability even further, cutting approximately half of the weight off their already incredibly lightweight standard offerings.  While their 29er Tubo tube weighs in at an incredibly light 81 grams, the S-Tubo version comes in at a shockingly light 44 grams (about 80% lighter than a standard butyl tube)! Not only ultra-lightweight, the packed size of these tubes is minuscule; measuring a scant 1.4” (3.5 cm) in diameter and 2” (5 cm) in length, these already tiny tubes also feature a removable valve to ensure the smallest packed size possible.  The proprietary thermoplastic used for these tubes yields an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, resulting in the S-Tubo line being as strong as standard butyl tubes.  This thermoplastic also boasts anti-friction qualities that make it more abrasion resistant while also lowering rolling resistance as the plastic material moves more freely against the tire casing than standard tubes.

While the S-Tubos can be used as an everyday tube, we recommend the Tubo line for this purpose with the S-Tubo as an ideal ultra-packable and ultra-lightweight carry-along spare.  Sealant will not work to seal holes in the Tubolito tubes (patch kit available here), however sealant will not harm these tubes, making them a great “just in case” spare for tubeless set-ups.

For riders who demand the absolute lightest and most packable tubes available (all while maintaining the strength of a standard tube), the S-Tubo series from Tubolito is the undisputed choice.

Available in 27.5” (650B) x 1.8” – 2.4” and 29” x 1.8” – 2.4” each tube comes with a small valve installation tool. Both tubes only come with a 42mm replaceable Presta Valve.

FitsValve LengthWeight
27.5" (650B) x 1.8-2.442 mm44 g.
29" x 1.8-2.442 mm44 g.
Valve TypePresta
Packed Size (diameter3.5 cm (1.4")
Packed Size (length)5 cm (2")
27.5 (650B) x 1.8-2.4
29 x 1.8-2.4