Tubolito Tubo Lightweight Inner Tube


Before founding Tubolito, Christian Lembacher and Akos Kertesz gained extensive knowledge of thermoplastics while working in the mobile phone industry.  In developing mobile phone speaker membrane solutions, the pair worked with various ultra-thin yet durable membranes.  Being avid cyclists, the potential for these materials in the cycling industry became apparent.  This potential was realized through the research and development that led to the introduction of the Tubolito Tubo.

While the proprietary thermoplatic elastomer and the manufacturing process are closely guarded secrets, the resulting advantages are clear.  In using high-tech thermoplastics instead of the industry standard butyl, not only are these tubes about two-thirds lighter than standard tubes, but are also about two times as strong!  While the material is extremely light, the tube’s four-ply construction aids in puncture resistance.  In addition, the anti-friction qualities of the thermoplastic make it more abrasion resistant.  Another advantage of the Tubo’s is that the manufacturing process results in a small welded band where the tube is joined instead of the standard full length seam on butyl tubes, thus potential points of failure are significantly reduced.  Rolling resistance is also reduced as the slick and elastic tube material can move against the tire casing with less resistance.  To top it all off, these tubes also pack down much smaller than standard tubes, freeing up premium real estate in jersey pockets and bags.  Sealant will not work to seal holes in the Tubolito Tubo tubes, however sealant will not harm these tubes, making them a great lightweight and small-packing “just in case” spare for tubeless set-ups.

Available in 700c x 18-28mm (42mm or 60mm presta valves), 700c x 30-40mm (60mm presta valve), 700c x 30-47 - (42mm Presta Valve - City/Touring), 20” x 1.8-2.4”(42mm presta valve w/ Adapter), 27.5" (650B) x 1.8-2.4" (42mm presta valve), and  29" x 1.8-2.4" (42mm presta valve)

Tube Weights:

  • 700c x 18-28 - 42mm Presta Valve – 39 grams
  • 700c x 18-28 - 60mm Presta Valve – 41 grams
  • 700c x 18-28 - 80mm Presta Valve – ? grams
  • 700c x 30-40 - 60mm Presta Valve – 53 grams
  • 700c x 30-47 - 42mm Presta Valve – 91 grams - (City/Touring)
  • 20" x 1.8-2.4 - 42mm Presta Valve – 57 grams
  • 27.5" (650B) x 1.8-2.4 - 42mm Presta Valve – 79 grams
  • 29" x 1.8-2.4 - 42mm Presta Valve – 81 grams

Product Video

 WeightValve TypeUsage
700c x 18-28 - 42mm39 gramsPrestaRoad
700c x 18-28 - 60mm41 gramsPrestaRoad
700c x 30-40 - 60mm53 gramsPrestaCyclocross/Gravel
700c x 30-47 - 42mm91 gramsPrestaCity/Touring
20" x 1.8-2.4 - 42mm57 gramsPrestaBMX
27.5" (650B) x 1.8-2.4 - 42mm79 gramsPrestaMTB
29" x 1.8-2.4 - 42mm81 gramsPrestaMTB
Valve Length42 mm, 60mm, 80mm
700 x 18-28
700 x 30-40
700 x 30-47
20 x 1.8-2.4
27.5 (650B) x 1.8-2.4
29 x 1.8-2.4
CX / Gravel