Tioga Spyder TwinTail 2 Saddle


Tioga has gone far outside the box in producing their Spyder saddles. So far in fact, we’re not sure if there even was a box to begin with. The Spyder TwinTail 2 looks like something grown in a lab, not a part you would install on a bike. While it certainly looks striking, visual appeal was not a consideration in its design. Looking to create the most comfortable saddle yet, Tioga found that padding would not lead them to success. The interlaced web design was chosen to flex and conform to the individual shape of every rider. Staying pliable and supportive the Spyder acts as a mini "hammock" supporting riders evenly without high pressure points. Flexing and moving with the body over uneven surfaces the Spyder has a dual purpose, a seat as well as a mini shock absorber to alleviate impacts and fatigue from riding over rough terrain.

The TwinTail 2 provides unsurpassed comfort without compromise. The implementation of the split allows each half to act independently for maximum comfort on long rides. Tuned using the underneath structural braces for efficiency with a balance of fexibility, the TwinTail 2 is durable, lightweight, and comfortable. No matter what style of riding you choose the TwinTail 2 will have you focusing on the path ahead and not your behind. Firm yet flexible, light yet durable, stiff yet supple, the TwinTail 2 offers the perfect balance of comfort, performance, and weight. Ideal for mountain and road applications the Spyder TwinTail 2 is our favorite for aggressive positions and all day rides.

Included with each saddle are silicone anti-slip pads that offer a small amount of cushion while keeping your sit bones securely on the sweet spot. Easy to install and remove the anti-slip pads offer riders an easy option for tuning their saddle to match their riding style.

Construction DualTech Carbonite (Impact resistant composite)
Carbon Rails
Width 135 mm
Length 275 mm
Rail Diameter 7x9 mm oval Carbon
Use Road, CX, Mountain
Carbon Rails 120 grams (without anti-slip pads)