Tioga Spyder Outland Saddle


Tioga has gone far outside the box with their spyder saddle. So far in fact, we’re not sure if there even was a box to begin with. With its intricate lattice of support in place of a solid shell, the Spyder looks like something grown in a lab by a deranged scientist. Looks however, had very little to do with Tioga's design process. Tioga found that padding was not their key to success in the search for comfort. Foam padding compresses under load, as it gets compressed it offers less and less in the way of impact mitigation. The flex built into the spyder saddles acts both as a buffer against bumps and a cradle for your sit bones. The pliable and supportive web design allows the saddle to form a comfortable "hammock" to support your derrière. Flexing with the rider over uneven surfaces the Spyder allows you to stay seated and comfortable translating to better pedaling efficiency and less fatigue throughout the ride.

When the terrain gets rough, the Outland will keep you seated and pedaling with comfort. Highly flexible the Outland is intended for use off road where the extra flex can be crucial. The large spaces between the underside support beams allows this saddle to deform under you adding much needed extra suspension. With it’s luxurious amounts of flex the Outland is our go to when the terrain gets uneven.

Included with each saddle are silicone anti-slip pads that offer a small amount of cushion while keeping your sit bones securely on the sweet spot. Easy to install and remove the anti-slip pads offers riders an easy option for tuning their saddle to match their riding style.

ConstructionDualTech Carbonite (Impact resistant composite)
Titanium Rails
Width125 mm
Length285 mm
Rail Diameter7mm round Chromoly
UseCX, Mountain
Chromoly Rails175 grams (without anti-slip pads)
125 mm
Titanium Rails