Time Xpresso Pedals


Time, a well known manufacturer of bikes and components has been producing high quality pedals since 1987. Beginning their production with the focus of biomechanics and rider comfort, Time has put their end user as the primary driver when implementing new ideas. Their newest pedal generation is no different, the Xpresso line of pedals feature several unique features that make it stand out from other high end clipless pedals available. The most noticeable is the Iclic concept. Allowing users to clip in with ease while maintaining positive engagement without rubbing. With considerably less force required to engage the pedal, clipping in becomes fluid and thoughtless while the cleat remains firmly in place when captured. The carbon flex blade will not lose tension over time like a metal spring, while at the same time being stronger and lighter. The oversize platform gives riders solid support and helps eliminate pressure points found with some other pedals. Revolutionizing the way riders interface with their clipless pedals, Time has cemented their place in the aftermarket pedal race. Durable, superbly performing, and surprisingly light at every price point. The Time Xpresso pedal is performance without compromise.

Xpresso 4 - Glass fiber reinforced composite body with a solid steel axle and stainless steel platform plate.

Xpresso 6 - Glass fiber reinforced composite body with a hollow steel axle and stainless steel platform plate.

Xpresso 10 - Glass fiber reinforced carbon body with a hollow steel axle and aluminum platform plate.

Each Pedal set includes a pair of cleats, necessary mounting hardware, and two curvature compensation shims. Time provides a two year warranty period against material and workmanship defects.

Xpresso 4233 grams
Xpresso 6216 grams
Xpresso 10200 grams
Cleats and hardware85 grams
Body MaterialXpresso 4, 6 - Composite
Xpresso 10 - Carbon
Spindle MaterialXpresso 4 - Steel
Xpresso 6, 10 - Hollow Steel
Length105 mm
Width60 mm (Platform)
95 mm (Overall)
Stack Height13.5mm