Time iClic / Xpresso Cleats


Like all components, clipless pedal cleats will eventually wear out. While you can forestall the inevitable by avoiding walking on them, someday in the future a new set will be required. Thankfully companies offer replacements at a fraction of the cost for a new pedal set. Designed to work with the Xpresso Pedal line, these cleats recover that brand new security and satisfying snap when engaging.

We recommend using a marker on the outline of your old cleats before removing to record your cleat position. This makes installing the new cleats faster and ensures you maintain that comfortable position you had.

Included with each cleat set, all the necessary mounting hardware and curvature compensation shims.

Weight85 grams
Float2.5mm Lateral
+/-5° Angular
CompatibilityTime iClic
All Xpresso Pedals
3 Bolt (Road)