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Swiss Stop Rat Pads (for post-style cantilevers)

Swiss Stop Rat Pads (for post-style cantilevers)

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Swiss Stop Rat Pads (for post-style cantilevers) Black Compound $26.00
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Swiss Stop Rat Pads (for post-style cantilevers) Yellow King Compound $54.00
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Swiss Stop's Rat series brake shoes are compatible with post-style cantilever brakes, common on cyclocross bikes and older mountain bikes. These are available in three different compounds for aluminum or carbon rim braking surfaces. Includes a complete set of four brake shoes.

Black: If you're looking for excellent performance when you replace your bike's original brake pads, the Original Black compound provides great value. It offers great stopping power and service life. Due to the specific characteristics of the rubber, it is also the perfect choice for rims made of softer aluminum alloy.

Green pads for aluminum and ceramic-coated rims. GHP puts Swiss Stop brake pads in a class of their own. This exclusive compound is the product of laboratory knowledge combined with rider feedback. And not just any riders, either. Swiss Stop is proud to be the 'unofficial' choice of many professionals.

Yellow pads for carbon rims. An extremely versatile brake pad, proven to operate quietly and effectively in all conditions - including rain - on a wide range of carbon fiber braking surfaces. In wet conditions, where carbon pads traditionally disappoint, they provide incredible stopping power.