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Swiss Stop Campagnolo Brake Pads

Swiss Stop Campagnolo Brake Pads
Compatible Pad Holders Campagnolo, Zero Gravity
Yellow King 32 grams per set
Black Prince 33 grams per set
GHP II 22 grams per set
BXP 22 grams per set
Original Black 26 grams per set
Available Compounds Original Black, GHP II, BXP, Yellow King, Black Prince
Swiss Stop Campagnolo Brake Pads BXP $36.00 Notify Me When Available
Swiss Stop Campagnolo Brake Pads Original Black $28.00
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Swiss Stop Campagnolo Brake Pads GHP II $36.00
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Swiss Stop Campagnolo Brake Pads Yellow King $62.00 Notify Me When Available

Race 2011 Pro Details

Swiss Stop is perhaps the most technologically advanced brake pad manufacturer in the bicycle industry. From development to testing and production, no expense is spared to produce a superior and extensively tested product. Swiss Stop relies on its engineers, test riders, and industry partners for feedback and constant redesign and optimization of compound formulas. Their obsessive attention to detail ensures that the end product is the absolute best available.

Original Black

An ideal pad for everday use, Swiss Stop's Black compound works well on all aluminum rims and is well suited for softer alloys, including magnesium.


The BXP brake compound is designed for high performance all around use on alloy rims. Wet or dy the BXP is designed to perform up to and beyond the expectations of any other brake pad on the market.

Black Prince

We've replaced Swiss Stop's Yellow king with the new Black Prince compound. The Black Prince provides better modulation and cooler operating temperatures making it the best carbon brake pad compound we've used to date.


The Green High Performance pads feature an all weather compound designed for aluminum rims. These pads are designed for sport riders and racers, with great braking power with smooth modulation.

Yellow King

Swiss Stop's Yellow King compound has set the industry standard for high performance, carbon-compatible brake pads. These pads feature excellent stopping power in both wet and dry conditions, with superior modulation and low pad wear rates.


Do not loosen or remove the brake pad holder. Slide out the old pad, clean the brake pad holder, and insert the new brake pad. Check pad alignment for proper contact of the rim's braking surface. When installing new brake pads, be sure to clean rim and all brake surfaces of any foreign particles. Please consult your rim's manufacturer for proper cleaning methods.


To read more about Swiss Stop's development and production processes, check out their tech center .