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Stan's No Tubes ZTR Arch EX Rim 26

Stan\'s No Tubes ZTR Arch EX Rim 26
Stan\'s No Tubes ZTR Arch EX Rim 26
Stan\'s No Tubes ZTR Arch EX Rim 26
Weight408 grams
Drillings32 Hole
Depth15.8 mm
Outer Width24.6 mm
Inner Width21 mm
Stan's No Tubes ZTR Arch EX Rim 26 Black, 32 Hole $88.00 In Stock


Stan’s Arch EX rim capitalizes on the popularity of its original Arch design, making one significant change, by which the inner bead hook is shaved as small as possible. This not only saves 20 grams over the previous design, but also widens the inner rim width 2 mm. This wider design effectively spreads the tires out, creating a wider, flatter contact patch, with welcomed benefits of increased rolling resistance and better traction. In contrast to its race-day-only brethren Crest rim, the Arch designs have an added cross section of material, making for a stronger, more rigid rim great for larger riders, or more technical terrain.

In practical application on the trails, the Arch EX rims lead to more confidence in handling, cornering, and traction in loose conditions, while also being competitively lightweight and thus springy up climbs. The Arch EX is a great everyday rim, but is not out of place at your next race.

As with all Stan’s rims, the Arch EX utilizes the brand’s own Bead Socket Technology, providing tubeless compatibility with any mountain bike tire. In order to run your tires tubeless, you will need a Stan’s 35 mm Valve Stem, and 25 mm tape. Stan’s instructions for this conversion are located here.


We recommend that wheels built up with Stan’s No Tubes rims be assembled by an experienced wheelbuilder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in hub and spoke selections. Please contact us directly or submit a custom wheel build request here.