Sram Red 22 XG-1190 A2 Cassette

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SRAM's flagship XG-1190 cassette is the culmination of years of R&D and thousands of miles of testing by top pro riders. While easily overlooked, this cassette might possibly be the most elegant piece of the entire SRAM Red 22 group.

The high level of engineering is immediately evident when you behold a design is brought to life from seventy minutes of machining in the SRAM manufacturing facilities. The cassette starts off as a solid piece of steel that is machined into the middle nine cogs. The largest and smallest cogs are machined seaprately and added later. The largest cog is made of aluminum and is pinned to the nine middle cogs. Aluminum is the ideal material here since the large number of teeth is less susceptible to premature wear, and the lighter material allows SRAM to overbuild the cog for more support of the entire cassette.

The new design addresses all of the noise issues of previous SRAM Red cassettes, while enhancing their strengths. The overall construction reminds us of the original cassettes, that is, a quiet version of the original Red cassettes. But the new design is more open, with the largest three cogs being machined with as much open space as possible, preventing reverberating of drivetrain noise, especially on deep section carbon wheels. Careful positioning of the chain ensures that the initial contact with the cassette rides on StealthRing™ elastomers, so that the metal on metal contact that ensues is as dampened as possible.

The tooth profiles are also further refined for quick, crisp shifts. The XG-1190 is designed around the PC RED22 chain and ideal shifting performance can be expected when using the two in combination. This setup is a solid improvement for anyone looking for the best performance the SRAM Red groupset can offer.

MaterialHeat-treated, high-grade tool steel
Actual Weights (including lockring)
11-26T157.6 grams
11-28T168.4 grams
11-30T183 grams
11-32T195 grams
11 Speed
Freehub Body:
Shimano Road