Speedplay Zero Cromoly Pedals


With victories in races such as the Tour de France, Paris Roubaix, Giro d Italia, the Tour of California, and the World Time Trial Championships (just to name a few), Speedplay’s Zero pedal systems have more professional road wins than any other pedals on the planet. While many of the clipless pedal systems on the market today are based on ski-binding technology, Speedplay has designed their unique Zero system from the ground up specifically for cycling.

The Chrome-Moly version of the Zero pedals offered here retain all the features of Speedplay's Zero series at the most value-oriented pricing among the differing models. By forgoing the use of lighter, more exotic materials that are found in the Nanogram (available here), titanium (available here), and stainless steel (available here) versions, these Chrome-Moly Zero pedals are available at a much lower price-point. Despite the entry level pricing, these pedals weigh in at an incredibly respectable 223 grams a pair (53mm spindle length); only a slight penalty of 15 grams per pair over the stainless version. 

The Zero system features a unique and ingeniously simple design that places the locking mechanism on the cleat, leaving only one moving part on the pedal itself - the spindle. This design feature saves significant weight over many other clipless designs, furthermore pedal weight is rotational, making the savings even more important. In addition, this spindle rotates on three bearings instead of the more common two bearing design seen in many pedals. The additional bearing adds more support to the spindle while also allowing Speedplay to design the Zero pedals to be thinner, allowing better cornering clearance and reduced aerodynamic drag. The lower pedal stack height (11.5 mm stack height for 3-hole mounting, 8.5 mm stack height for 4-hole mounting) also improves power transfer by positioning the foot closer to the top of the spindle. The pedal body is a symmetrical, double-sided design that, unlike many other road pedals, allow entry from either side. Beyond allowing double-sided entry, no matter where in their rotation the pedals are oriented, they self-locate onto the cleats when stepped on, reducing fumbling and errors while clipping in. While the Zero pedal body itself is compact, with Speedplay’s unique inverted design, the cleat (once engaged) provides a large and stable pedaling platform on par with traditional one-sided road pedals. The locking mechanism of the Zero system does not rely on spring tension to secure engagement, making entering and exiting easier while simultaneously making accidental release nearly impossible. To further secure pedal to cleat engagement, Speedplay has designed the locking edges of pedals and cleats to be metal-on-metal, increasing both durability and safety.

Another benefit of the Speedplay Zero system is the high level of adjustability. Within the 15 degrees of adjustment range, float can be micro-adjusted to allow the precise setting of float range. Beyond the ability to micro-adjust the float range, these cleats can also be set to have a fixed-position with zero float. The cleats also allow independent adjustment of all three foot-axes; each of the three critical adjustments (fore-aft, side-to-side, and rotational) can be performed individually and without affecting the others. Not only does this independent adjustment make initial set-up easier, it also eliminates guesswork and misalignment errors when replacing cleats. Speedplay cleats are compatible with both 3-hole and 4-hole mounts, making them usable with a wider variety of cycling shoes. To keep everything working smoothly, the pedals feature a built-in grease port for easy bearing lubrication. Available in various spindle lengths to perfectly dial in your foot positioning.

Each Speedplay Zero Chrome-Moly pedal set comes with a set of Zero Aero Walkable cleats.

Weight per pair (53mm Spindle Length)223 grams (pair)
ZA Walkable Cleat Weight(3-hole, pair)138 grams
ZA Walkable Cleat Weight(4-hole, pair)100 grams
Spindle MaterialChrome-Moly
Spindle Threads9/16"
Cleat Stack Height 3-Hole11.5 mm
Cleat Stack Height 4-Hole8.5 mm
Pedal Bearings2 cartridge,1 needle
Float0 - 15 degrees, unrestricted free float
Release AngleMicroadjustable heel-out
MountingAll 3- and 4-hole shoes; no Fit Kit required
Pedal MaintenanceGrease port makes routine greasing easy
Cleat MaintenancevUse dry-type lube routinely
Rider Weight LimitN/A