Speedplay Ultra Light Action Cromoly Pedals


The Speedplay Ultra Light Action Pedals were designed specifically for non-competitive or “non-aggressive” recreational cycling. To this end, the patented design provides incredibly easy and intuitive entry and release functions. While the Speedplay Ultra Light Action Pedals take design cues from the competition-oriented Zero (available here) and X-series models, these pedals were designed with the primary goal of being the most user-friendly clipless pedal system ever. Aimed at serious enthusiasts or the first-time clipless user, these pedals retain the functionality and flexibility of other Speedplay pedal designs while offering the easiest and most intuitive entry and release functions.

Ease-of-entry, durability, and serviceability are attributes that have all carried over from Speedplay’s other pedal systems. In addition, these pedals retain the dual-sided entry, self-locating cleat design, secure engagement, and 15 degree range of free-float. As the ULA pedals are symmetrical, they feature dual-sided entry that makes clipping in easy regardless of the pedal's rotational position. During entry, the self-locating design of the cleats guides the pedal into the recessed cleat-cavity, further easing entry by eliminating guess-work and the need to look down. Once clipped in, the engagement system provides secure retention without the use of a spring, which makes clipping in and out much easier than on traditional systems that rely on spring tension for this function. The 15 degrees of float are non-recentering allowing the feet to find their natural float range through the pedal stroke, helping to eliminate knee strain. Another trait the ULA pedals share with other Speedplay models is their incredible cornering clearance; the thin pedal body provides maximum ground clearance, another valuable asset for both beginning clipless riders as well as enthusiasts looking to maximize their ability to corner. Coming in at 210g per pair, these pedals also maintain the lighter weights seen across Speedplay’s lineup.

Each pedal set includes a set of the Ultra Light Action Walkable Cleats, providing both a large and stable platform that prevents side-to-side rocking while both improving power efficiency and providing all-day comfort. As the first “truly walkable” cleats for road pedals, these cleats feature integrated rubberized covers that stay on the cleats while both riding and walking. For walking, these covers improve traction while protecting the cleats from premature wear. The cleat itself features a thin, contoured profile that allows for a more natural stride that makes walking in road shoes a much-less awkward affair. Weighing in at  Weighing in at 138g for three-hole mounting and 100g for four-hole mounting, these cleats offer incredible flexibility when it comes to compatible footwear (fitting any shoe with a 3-hole or 4-hole mount). Also included are a set of Speedplay’s “Cleat Buddies”, a handy set of plugs that prevent debris from building up in the cleat’s center cavity while walking in dirty/muddy conditions. These cleat accessories are easily removed and snap together for convenient storage in a pocket or bag while riding.

The Ultra Light Action Pedals feature a 55mm chrome-moly spindle, handsomely finished in black, that is supported by a combination of precision cartridge and needle bearings. Servicing is as simple and straightforward as it gets, each pedal features a built-in grease port for easy bearing lubrication. While not intended for competition, these pedals are aimed at a wide range of cyclists, from first-time clipless users to serious enthusiasts seeking the easiest release/entry availalble. They also work great for lighter weight riders seeking low-force entry and exit as well as competitive cyclists looking for a more-walkable system for use in training and for non-competitive rides.

Weight per pair220 grams (pair)
ULA Walkable Cleat Weight(3-hole, pair)138 grams
ULA Walkable Cleat Weight(4-hole, pair)100 grams
Cleat Buddy plug weight (pair)25 grams
Spindle MaterialChrome-Moly
Spindle Threads9/16"
Cleat Stack Height 3-Hole11.5 mm
Cleat Stack Height 4-Hole8.5 mm
Pedal Bearings2 cartridge,1 needle
Float0 - 15 degrees, unrestricted free float
Release Angle7.5 degree, heel-out
MountingAll 3- and 4-hole shoes; no Fit Kit required
Pedal MaintenanceGrease port makes routine greasing easy
Cleat MaintenanceUse dry-type lube routinely
Rider Weight LimitN/A