Specialized S-Works Turbo 2Bliss Ready Tire

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Specialized, a company that has always had a stellar reputation for their tires, continue to innovate and refine their line-up.  Wolf Vormwalde, longtime tire engineer at Specialized, has been designing and testing high-tech tires made from natural rubber since 2010.  Tested in multiple terrains with the fastest professional cycling teams worldwide, Vormwalde has developed some of the fastest, best performing, and most comfortable tires on the market.

Tread compound contributes more to tire performance and feel than most other factors.  Countless hours of testing and development has led to the introduction of the Specialized S-Works Turbo 2BR Tire featuring their proprietary Gripton compound; designed to be fast, while providing a comfortable, safe road feel even in wet conditions.  Beyond the high-tech tread, these foldable tires feature a supple 120 tpi casing, Specialized “BlackBelt” puncture protection, and are tubeless ready.  To top it off, these 700 x 28 tires are coming in lower than their claimed weight; the batches we have been weighing in-house have come in 20 grams lighter than claimed (265 grams vs. 285 grams)!  One of the fastest tires in the world, the Specialized S-Works Turbo 2BR tire features extremely low rolling resistance and excellent cornering traction.  With the 2Bliss ready technology, these tires can be set up tubeless on tubeless-ready rims or rims that require tubeless sealing tape, allowing even lower pressures for better cornering and traction without risking pinch flats.  The Specialized S-Works Turbo 2BR tire is certainly deserving of its accolades as one of the best choices available for road tubeless tires.  

Rim Compatability700c Foldable Tubeless / Clincher
Flat ProtectionBlackBelt
Casing120 TPI
Pressure & Weight700 x 28mmPSI 85-95approximate weight 285g
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700 x 28