Specialized Phenom Pro Elaston Saddle


The Specialized Phenom series have been some of the most popular short-nosed saddles on the market. Designed to remove pressure and increase comfort for cyclists who favor a more body-forward position on the bike, the Phenom saddles have gained immense popularity for riders who prefer aggressive riding positions. When in a more-aggressive riding position a rider’s weight is concentrated toward the front of the saddle which can lead to discomfort. The short nose of the Phenom removes this uncomfortable pressure while the wide rear section provides plenty of support. These saddles also feature a wide cut-out as another measure to help eliminate pressure build-up. The Phenom’s patented Body Geometry design has been lab-tested to assure ample blood flow to sensitive arteries. Beyond the pressure relief and comfort provided by the Phenom series, they also have the added benefit of excellent thigh and hamstring clearance. Other design features of the Phenom include a rounded, anti-snag tail and low friction paneling of both the tail and nose, improving mobility as well as pedaling efficiency while moving on and off the saddle.

The Pro Elaston version of this saddle elevates the comfort to the highest possible level using advanced padding technology. Instead of traditional padding, the Elaston features a construction that is made up of numerous tiny beads that are expanded into a foam. This results in a slightly bubbly-textured padding with increased rebound, meaning these saddles spring back more readily and don’t compress over time, providing unrivaled comfort on longer rides. Another benefit of the Elaston technology is that the increased comfort does not mean an increase in foam/pad thickness, allowing the Phenom to keep its svelte, aero silhouette.

The Phenom Pro Elaston features the ultra-light and incredibly strong oversized 7 x 9mm Fact carbon rails (not compatible with seatposts with side-load clamp mechanisms for 7mm round rails). Specialized categorizes this saddle as having level II padding, characterized by medium density and a more cushioned feel. Available in 143mm and 155mm widths, the Phenom Pro Elaston is a great choice for riders who favor more aggressive riding positions yet seek maximum comfort on both shorter and all-day rides.

Weight, 143mm195 grams
Weight, 155mm212 grams
Upper MaterialElaston Foam; "Level II" padding: medium density foam for bike feel with additional cushioning
Padding Level "Level II" padding: medium density foam for bike feel with additional cushioning
Rail MaterialFACT carbon fiber
Rail Size7x9 oval