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Soul-Kozak Lefty Front Hub

Soul-Kozak Lefty Front Hub
Soul-Kozak Lefty Front Hub
Soul-Kozak Lefty Front Hub
Weight118 grams
Bearing Size6902, 6805
Hub Shell Material7075 T6 aluminum
Available Spoke Drillings28, 32 hole
Wheel Build Specifications
Left Flange Diameter56.0 mm
Right Flange Diameter43.8 mm
Left Flange to Center21.8 mm
Right Flange to Center29.3 mm
Soul-Kozak Lefty Front Hub 28 Hole $120.00
You Save: $60.00 
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Soul Kozak's Lefty-compatible front hub provides an excellent alternative to the more standard options for Cannondale's proprietary single leg suspension forks. Using large section bearings, a wide hub shell, and canted flanges, this hub ensures stout wheel builds and a stiff hub/axle interface. The finish work is equally well executed, with laser etched logos on a semi-matte black anodized finish.

Soul hubs are designed and manufactured in Poland.


We recommend that wheels built with Soul Kozak hubs be assembled by an experienced wheel builder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in rim and spoke selections. Please contact us directly or submit a form for a custom wheel build here.

Please note that a Lefty dummy axle is required to properly build and true a wheel built with the Soul Kozak Lefty hub.

Installation will require a Torx E8 socket; simply slide the hub onto the fork's axle and use the Torx socket to torque the hub's mounting bolt to 6-8 Nm. We recommend the use of Loctite 243 or 262 on the mounting bolt's threads.