Schmolke TLO Offset Carbon Seatpost


Schmolke's setback version of their TLO seatpost range features 25 millimeters of setback while only adding twenty grams of weight. The saddle clamp features eight points of contact for maximum security and load distribution. Additionally, the aluminum upper rail clamps are designed with chamfered edges which, combined with a large supporting carbon fiber lower rail clamp surface, ensures that carbon saddle rails are not unduly stressed. The M5 titanium bolts are designed as tension screws, strong enough take the stresses of aggressive riding and racing.

Schmolke seatposts feature varying wall thickness, contrasting with typical Asian-made posts which are cheaply manufactured with a constant wall thickness. The bulk of a TLO post's length is constructed with a mere 9 layers of carbon sheets, while the frame clamp section is reinforced with up to 17 layers. This design allows Schmolke to produce seatposts which are 50-100 grams lighter than competitors' seatposts of similar design, with no compromise in strength. To ensure the safety of all their products, Schmolke conforms to all current European testing standards, along with their own higher intensity in-house testing. Schmolke products are guaranteed to be free of material and manufacturing defects with a warranty period of 3 years.


In their lightweight, efficient design, Schmolke's TLO seatposts have very specific ranges of insertion. These ranges, defined in the table below, are measured from where the seatpost enters the frame to the middle of the saddle's rails. It is very important that this distance be determined before ordering. Please contact us directly if you have questions regarding the correct sizing for you.


When mounting a Schmolke seatpost, we strongly recommend using a high quality assembly paste, such as Tacx Dynamic Assembly Compound. This paste serves two purposes: to increase friction at the clamping point, thus reducing the torque necessary on the clamp bolt, and to protect the carbon from corrosion on metal frames. It is recommended that the post be removed, cleaned, and reinserted on a regular basis. The resin surface of the post is chemically highly stable, and will not be harmed by the use of standard solvents when cleaning. Torque at both the seatpost collar bolt and saddle rail clamp bolts should be limited to 3-4 Nm.

Setback 25 mm
Available Diameters 31.6
Standard Lengths 300, 350 mm
Tube Material T1000 carbon fiber
Bolt Material 6/4 titanium
Max torque2.5 - 3.5 Nm
Rail Compatibilityround
Use Road Only
Rider Weight Limit 75 kg (165 lbs)
Length / Insertion Range
300 160 - 220 mm
350 195 - 265 mm
31.6 x 300 113 grams
31.6 x 350 122 grams
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*Weights are approximate and may vary slightly.
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