Schmolke TLO EVO Road Handlebar


Schmolke Carbon was founded in 1993, shortly after Stefan Schmolke constructed the world's first carbon fiber handlebar. In the following years, rigorous safety and performance tests and use by top professionals such as Jan Ullrich and Erik Zabel proved that these lightweight carbon bars could easily outperform the best aluminum bars on the market. The TLO (The Lightest One) handlebar represents the pinnacle of Schmolke's carbon development and sets the standard for light weight carbon road bars. In fact, few manufacturers even come close to reaching the weight class of a Schmolke handlebar.

Manufactured from T1000 carbon (a rating of the carbon's tensile strength, with the lower T700 rating as the bicycle industry standard), the TLO's unidirectional carbon structure is purposefully and meticulously hand laid to optimize strength and durability. The final woven carbon layer (available in 1k, 3k, or 12k varieties) is added for safety, but also does well in complimenting the handlebar's simple aesthetic. All Schmolke products are intensely tested for durability and safety, and the company possesses the utmost confidence in their product. Therefore, they provide a three year replacement warranty which covers defects in materials and manufacturing.

TLO series is handmade to specifically suit weight and riding style using the best carbon fibre prepeg available (about carbon). This, together with a further refined layering plan with less layers, results in yet another reduction of weight. Stems with 31.8 mm clamping diameter including those with four clamping bolts may be used.

Schmolke's compact handlebar design follows an industry trend that increases the utility of the road handlebar by creating more useful hand positions and shortening lever reach from the drops. This design raises the brake hoods, creating a smooth, flat transition from the climbing position. This oversized edition features increased stem clamp diameter to match the current industry standard 31.8 mm, as well as an oversize oval top section for improved comfort and aerodynamics. These increased diameters create a much stiffer handlebar with only a slight weight penalty.

Di2 Ready The Evo TLO has holes for internal Di2 wire routing compatible with the Di2 Bar end junction box.  

The Lightest One (TLO) is Schmolke's lightest line of products, they're made the with highest quality carbon fibre and take advantage of years of carbon fibre manufacturing knowledge to create some of the lightest components in the industry. The TLO line, as with all extremely light components, takes a level of maintenance beyond a normal "bolt it and forget about it" approach. Carbon assembly paste and torque wrenches are an absolute must, as is regular cleaning and inspection. The Super Light (sl) line is Schmolke's second lightest line of components and is ideal for more powerful riders that want a stable platform to sprint and climb on. is meant for riders that are looking for Schmolke quality but are okay with a


Carbon assembly paste is included with each Schmolke handlebar, and it is highly recommended that this paste be used to increase the security of the stem clamp and reduce the necessary bolt torque. Additionally, Schmolke only recommends use of four-bolt faceplate stems with their carbon handlebars. Please note that these versions of the TLO handlebar are not compatible with clip on aerobars, which require reinforcement in the carbon structure.

Stem Clamp Diameter 31.8 mm
Width* 42, 44 cm
TLO ~147 - 153 grams
Rider Weight Limit
TLO 75 kg (165 lbs)
Reach 78 mm
Drop 126 mm
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*measured outside to outside
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