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Schmolke Carbon Bolts

Schmolke Carbon Bolts

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SizeMax TorqueWeight
M4 x 160.8 Nm0.5 grams
M5 x 201.5 Nm0.7 grams
M6 x 304.0 Nm1.3 grams
M6 x 164.0 Nm0.7 grams
Product Manuals
Carbon Bolts Installation Guide
Schmolke Carbon Bolts M4 x 16, Hex Head $20.00 In Stock
Schmolke Carbon Bolts M5 x 20, Countersunk $20.00 Notify Me When Available
Schmolke Carbon Bolts M5 x 20, Hex Head $20.00 Notify Me When Available
Schmolke Carbon Bolts M6 x 16, Countersunk $20.00 Notify Me When Available
Schmolke Carbon Bolts M6 x 30, Hex Head $20.00 In Stock


Schmolke's carbon screws are manufactured in a highly specialized pressure extrusion procedure. The material used is Schmolke's own high quality Intermediate module fibers with PEEK-matrix. This is the only means to make sure the fibers are arranged in a spiraling pattern following the thread and centered towards the inside of the screw. The actual thread can not be stripped. In terms of dynamic strength carbon fiber is much superior to all other materials used for screws. They are stronger and 40% lighter than aluminum bolts.


We do not recommend using these bolts in any load bearing application. Pinch bolts and water bottle cage bolts are perfect for replacing. For a full list please refer to Schmolke's list of recommended uses.