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Sapim SILS Aluminum Nipples

Sapim SILS  Aluminum Nipples
Weight.38 grams each
Material7075 aluminum
Length14 mm
Thread2.2 mm x 56tpi (2.0 spokes)
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Even the most carefully assembled and evenly tensioned wheels are prone to impacts which can cause momentary loss of spoke tension, allowing nipples to loosen. As a safeguard against this possibility, most handbuilt wheels take adavantage of a thread binding agent which is typically applied prior to assembly. The Sapim Integrated Locking System featured on these high quality alumninum nipples utilizes an interrupted thread pattern that slightly increases thread friction in order to prevent unwanted loosening. This convenient system does not degrade over time, allowing wheels to be trued, re-tensioned, or re-dished with minimal hassle. For the wheelbuilder, SILS accelerates and simplifies the wheelbuilding process, saving time and resources.


These Sapim nipples have a 0.127" square form on the inward facing side designed for traditional spoke wrenches.

We recommend that only a light lubricant be used with SILS nipples, and we do not recommend them for use with aggressively butted round spokes (e.g. DT Revolution 2.0/1.5).