Sapim Internal Alloy Nipples


With almost a century worth of production experience, Sapim has a lengthy background in crafting high quality spokes and nipples to meet the ever expanding demand of the cycling industry. With a solid position in the OEM market, and ongoing professional racing support, Sapim has invaluable real time feedback from riders in every discipline. Dedicated to the quality and longevity of their product, Sapim has implemented a tracking system to ensure quality control at every step in their production process. Ensuring their product is of top quality, while constantly improving and creating innovative spoke designs, Sapim has cemented their place as one of the premier spoke suppliers today.

Perfect for builds that require internal nipples, Sapim's Internal Alloy Nipples look similar to standard nipples but posses some key differences. The first and most noticeable difference is the lack of a slot on the back side, this keeps the nipple from digging into the rim when being tensioned. The threading has also been moved up the nipple to allow quicker thread pickup during initial assembly. The rounded shoulder allows these nipples to distribute forces more evenly inside the rim and keeps point loading to a minimum. The standard 0.127" square wrench flats allow the use of the standard internal spoke wrench, one of our favorites is the Park Tools SW15 for its ease of use and versatility when building internally spokes wheels. 

At this time these nipples are only available in 2.0mm, 14g sizing.

Weight0.4 grams each
Material7075 Aluminum
Length12 mm
Thread2.2 mm x 56tpi (2.0 Spokes)