Sapim CX-Sprint J-Bend Spokes - Black


Sapim, a Belgian company founded in 1918, has been producing high quality spokes for the better part of a century. Combining their extensive experience and a commitment to innovation, Sapim is able to produce the best quality spokes available today. Sapim's success with providing companies such as Zipp and Shimano with OE spokes, as well as their ongoing support of and feedback from professional racers speaks volumes to their confidence.

The CX-Sprint is Sapim's performance spoke.  The CX-Sprint is very similar in construction to the CX-Ray but with a little more material for added strength and stiffness. With superb tensile strength and a fatigue life three times as long as traditional spokes these are the perfect choice for high durability builds. These spokes hold their own under the world's best athletes; road racers, triathletes, and even downhill racers. Consequently, the CX-Sprint is the go-to spoke for any high end high strength wheelset, from low spoke count climbing wheels to ultra-durable, high-strength 32 spoke mountain wheels. These are the strongest and most durable aero profile stainless steel spokes available today.


Please note that Sapim spokes typically measure slightly shorter than the listed length (.5-1mm).  These spokes are sold individually and do not include nipples.


We recommend that high end wheels built with CX-Sprint spokes be assembled by an experienced wheelbuilder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in hub and rim selections. Please contact us directly or submit a custom wheel build request here.

While these spokes do not require any special wheel building techniques, the bladed section must be supported near the nipple to prevent helical twisting. The best tool for this purpose is the Alchemy Bladed Spoke Holder. With a 2.3 mm wide blade, the CX-Sprint does not require slotting of the hub's spoke holes.

Weight 5.4 - 6.2 grams each
Material Cold forged stainless steel
Blade Dimensions 2.25 x 1.25 mm
Thread 2.2 x 56 tpi (2.0mm, 14g)