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Ruegamer Black Bird

The Ruegamer Blackbird was easily one of the most striking and memorable offerings of the 2007 North American Hand Built Bike Show. The bike is so striking, so different from anything that had been built before, that the image has become synonymous with the 2007 North American Hand Built Bicycle Show.

Rue Sports uses the tagline “We don’t create bikes… We create riding experiences.” Well, this one is an experience for the eyes too. Bre Ruegamer has been known for pushing the limits of ultra light, ultrafast bikes and with the Blackbird, she shows us the extent of her talent and vision. The design features contoured chainstays and chain fairing, a fully integrated seatpost and saddle, absent seatstays, one-piece stem and bars, not to mention the completely radical fork.

As far as we know, the bike hasn’t been taken out one the road. It was designed and built as a demonstration of concept though according to Rue, the all carbon construction is structurally sound and ready to ride. After the show, it was hung in the showroom at Tribe Multisports in Scottsdale. Enjoy the photos.