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Rox Ultralite Rim Strips

Rox Ultralite Rim Strips
Rox Ultralite Rim Strips

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Weight3g / Pair*
* This is an average weight, small variations do occur.
Rox Ultralite Rim Strips 17mm $13.00 In Stock


Rox Ultralite rim strips are manufactured from lightweight puncture-resistant nylon with a super sticky adhesive backing. The lightest rim strip on the market; on two wheels you'll save about 30 grams over traditional cloth rim strips. 17mm wide. Sold as a package of two.

One aspect we really like about the Rox rim strip is that it makes changing a flat easier because it is so thin. Especially if you have Campagnolo wheels which are generally regarded as one of the most stubborn wheels in regards to tire/tube changes.