Race Face Cinch Spider Assembly

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RaceFace's Cinch system allows users to fully customize their crankset, with options for triple, double, and single chainrings. These Double and triple chainring spiders are compatible with industry standard 104 and 64 BCD chainrings, making them extremely versatile.

Sixc 4.5mm Tab Spider

The Sixc 4.5mm Spider is made specifically for riders who intend to push their equipment to the maximum. With extra thick tabs designed specifically to combat the rigors of hard use this spider will withstand the extra abuse you can throw at it. At a slight weight penalty you get a significantly stiffer and more durable a spider.


RaceFace Next SL and Turbine cranks use RaceFace's standard 2x and 3x spiders. The SixC crankset uses its own specific 2x spider, and has a BMX option as well (please note that the BMX option requires a BMX-specific spindle as well). If you wish to run a single chainring, no spider is required; simply purchase a RaceFace Direct Mount N/W Single Chainring. Please take care to order the correct option for your crank, and feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.


Cinch spiders are fitted to the splines on Cinch cranksets and secured with an aluminum lockring. To install and remove the lockring, an ISIS BB style tool such as the Park Tool BBT-22 will be required. The lockring threads and splines should be greased with medium-weight grease prior to assembly.

The double spiders include a spacer and bolts for the inner chainring. The BMX spider includes chainring bolts as well. RaceFace chainring bolts require a T30 torx wrench for installation.

Installation Video

Weight, 2X Spider66 grams
Weight, 3X Spider60 grams
Weight, SixC 2X Spider78 grams
Weight, SixC BMX Spider78 grams
Weight, SixC 2X 4.5mm Tab Spider 81 grams
Crank CompatibilityRaceFace Next SL, SixC, Turbine Cinch
Double Chainring BCD4-bolt 104 mm
Triple Chainring BCD4-bolt 104/64 mm
104 BCD
Race Face Cinch