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RaceFace Cinch Bottom Brackets

RaceFace Cinch Bottom Brackets BB92 $60.00 In Stock
RaceFace Cinch Bottom Brackets BSA 68MM / 73MM $60.00 In Stock
RaceFace Cinch Bottom Brackets PF30 $60.00 In Stock


If you need a durable, long wearing bottom bracket, consider this offering from RaceFace. They come factory filled with Phil Wood grease for smooth operation. The crank spindle is supported by standard 6806 bearings. The whole assembly is sealed from the elements by an internal liner. Suitable for use in XC/AM/FR/DH.


In order to install the RaceFace BSA bottom bracket that accommodates a 30 mm crank spindle, RaceFace's own Cinch Bottom Bracket Wrench must be used. To avoid frame damage, we recommend the press fit bottom brackets be professionally installed using a proper bearing press.