ProGold Steel Frame Protector


ProGold produces a slew of cycling specific cleaners, lubes, and products. ProGold Steel Frame Protector aerosol is formulated to coat the inside of your steel frame and prevent moisture from building up and causing irreversible damage. If you ride in wet or rainy conditions you know just how much water can get into your frame. While many frames have drain holes to allow trapped water to escape, there is still a surprising amount of moisture that remains. It doesn’t take long for that moisture to begin eating into your high quality steel frame and once the damage is done it cannot be reversed. Keep your beautiful steel frame protected for years to come with ProGold’s Steel Frame Protector spray.

  • 6oz, aerosol can contains enough protectant to treat 3-6 frames

  • Recommended usage is two applications per frame

  • Law prohibits ORM-D materials from shipping by air

  • Follow all warnings and directions. Use only in well veltilated areas.

Contains6oz (enough for 3-6 frames)
Frame Prep