ProGold Helmet Cleaner and Deodorizer


As cyclists, keeping up on the maintenance of our equipment can be difficult at times. Even those of us that see to it that our bicycles are cleaned and properly lubricated can overlook our other bits of cycling equipment. During the heat of the summer months especially, helmets can go from spotless to dirty and salt-encrusted within the course of a single ride. ProGold offers this cleaner and deodorizer spray as a quick and painless solution to getting your helmet back to new condition, with a foaming action that safely and effectively removes dirt, residue, and odors from the difficult-to-clean straps, padding, and polystyrene. ProGold Helmet Cleaner, supplied in an 8oz aerosol can, is also useful for shoes, grips, saddles, and bar tape.


Volume8 fl oz