Praxis Zayante Carbon-S Crankset

$250.00 - $325.00

Praxis Works has been manufacturing some of the best shifting chainrings on the market for many years, and more recently has expanded their offerings to include complete cranksets. While shift performance has always been paramount, the company has an incredibly well balanced approach to their chainring and crankarm design. Focusing on an ideal balance between five main attributes (stiffness, weight, durability, shift features, and price), Praxis has been able to produce considerably more well-rounded products than many competitors. One of the most important factors in realizing these designs is their proprietary cold-forging process that allows careful manipulation of the ring shape and tooth profile. These design principles and production techniques are utilized in the production of the Zayante Carbon-S crankset, a more value-oriented version of their new Zayante Carbon crankset (available here). The Zayante Carbon-S shares the exact same DNA as the more expensive Zayante Carbon in that the crank arms and X-Spider are identical, the only differentiation being the version of the Levatime II X-Rings that are included. These Carbon-S cranksets feature a more simplified big chainring; while performance-wise these are equivalent to their more-expensive siblings, foregoing the extra machining for weight-savings results in a more cost-effective ring.

While the handsomely finished carbon arms feature incremental improvements over previous generations, such as a wider profile at the spindle for added stiffness, many of the most important advancements found on the new Zayante Carbon-S cranksets can be attributed to the new Levatime II X-Ring chainrings. Praxis' proprietary cold-forging process, used to manufacture all of their chainrings, allows careful manipulation of the ring shape and tooth profile. In addition, this “One-Shot” forging allows an increased overall number of shifting features, surpassing what is possible for CNC manufactured rings. Not only does this process allow for an increased number of shift features (including individual tooth profiles, alternating tooth angles, timed ramps, and shift elevators), but also results in a harder, tougher tooth surface that increases durability. This increased durability is a result of the refined 7075 T6 aluminum grain structure achieved through the forging process. These innovative production techniques allow Praxis to produce some of the most durable and consistent-shifting rings available.

Applying these production techniques to the Levatime II X-Ring generation of chainrings, Praxis has raised the stakes once again, creating their most durable, feature-filled chainrings yet. The big ring now features a thicker 5mm base, up from the previous version which featured a 4mm base. This thicker base not only allowed the Praxis Works engineers to increase the amount of shift features they could forge into the ring, but also allowed the use of their new fast-engaging forged shift pins which improve shift speed. In addition to the new pins, the ramps have been reshaped, and placement of all features has been tweaked for optimal shifting performance. Close inspection of the tooth profile itself reveals that no two teeth are alike, with the unique shaping of each tooth aiding in smoother lateral and vertical chain movement as well as better chain control while both upshifting and downshifting. While the base is thicker, the actual teeth of the Levatime II X-Rings are narrower than previous generations. The rings are mounted to the crankarms with the new Levatime II X-Spider. Forged from 7075-T6 aluminum, this 3-bolt direct-mount spider has been beefed-up for added stiffness in order to better support the 5mm plate of the Levatime II big rings. Versatility has been improved through the unique and incredibly modular 4-bolt 104/160 BCD mounting standard, which is compatible with the full range of Praxis chainring sets from 48/32 up to 53/39. Through their proprietary production techniques and updated designs, Praxis has created the “fastest and most snappy feeling shift” they have ever produced. The new design also features better clearance when riding cross-chained. Overall, the new Zayante Carbon crankset with the X-Spider and X-Rings allow smooth and powerful shifting for both mechanical and electronic drivetrains.

Available in four lengths (165, 170, 172.5, and 175) and three double chainring combinations (48/32, 50/34, and 52/36). The cranksets feature a handsome yet subtle two-tone black finish with grey logos, making them an appropriate aesthetic match to almost any set-up. The 30/28mm stepped M30 aluminum spindle are compatible with Praxis M30 bottom brackets, which are available in nearly all existing road bottom bracket standards. These bottom brackets can be purchased as part of your crankset "bundle" and are also available separately here.

The Zanyante Carbon-S is the ideal choice for budget-oriented riders looking for all the benefits of the new Levatime II X-Ring technology at a lower price (all of the Levatime II shift performance benefits are there, albeit at a we ight penalty due to a less-refined big ring). For riders who want all the performance at the lowest possible weights, the Zayante Carbon crankset (available here) is the one to choose. Single ring bundle options are available here.

Average Weight, Crankarms Only
165mm400 grams
170mm405 grams
172.5mm408 grams
175mm410 grams
Weight 48/32 (170mm)645 grams
Weight 50/34 (170mm)682 grams
Weight 52/36 (170mm)722 grams
Spindle Diameter30/28mm
Chainring BCD160/104
Chainring X-Spider MountSRAM /Truvativ 3-bolt Direct Mount
Crankarm Materialcarbon fiber
Spindle Materialaluminum
BB OptionsBSA, BB30/PF30, BB386 EVO, BB86, BBRight, T47 Internal, T47 External(68/73mm)
Chainring OptionsDouble - 52/36, 50/34, 48/32
Drivetrain Compatibility10/11/12 speed, mechanical & electronic
Road Cranks
Gravel Cranks
Cyclocross Cranks
160 / 104 BCD
BSA (English-threaded)
Specialized OSBB
T47 Internal
T47 External
Praxis M30
SRAM/Truvativ Direct Mount
Praxis Works