Praxis Levatime II X-Kit Chainrings


Praxis Works is widely known for producing some of the best bicycle chainrings available.  Their proprietary cold-forging process, used to manufacture all of their chainrings, offers distinct advantages over alternative manufacturing processes.  Not only does forging result in improved material characteristics through grain refinement, the process also allows the careful manipulation of ring shape, tooth profile, tooth angle, and other shift features.  This “One-Shot” forging results in chainrings with characteristics and features that surpass what is possible from CNC manufactured rings.  The multitude of shift features result in smooth, consistent, and reliable shifting while the hardness and durability of the 7075 T6 aluminum is increased through the forging process.  Innovative production techniques and forward-thinking designs have allowed Praxis to produce some of the most durable and best performing rings available.

With the introduction of their Levatime II generation of chainrings, Praxis has raised the stakes once again, creating their most durable and best performing chainrings yet.  The big ring now features a thicker 5mm base, up from the previous 4mm version.  This thicker base has not only allowed the Praxis Works engineers to increase the amount of shift features they could forge into the ring, but also allowed use of their new fast-engaging forged shift pins which improve shift speed.  In addition to the new pins, the ramps have been reshaped, and placement of all features has been tweaked for optimal shifting performance.  While the base is thicker, the actual teeth are narrower and the front face of the chainring has been carefully machined down to shave excess weight.  The rings are held together by the new Levatime II X-Spider, a stiffer and stronger version of their previous design.  While this forged, asymmetric four-arm spider is “beefier” than the previous generation, the backside has been stratigically machined out for weight savings.  Through their proprietary production techniques and updated designs, Praxis has produced their “fastest and most snappy feeling" chainrings yet.  In addition, the new design also features better clearance when riding cross-chained.  Overall, the new Levatime II chainrings allow smooth and powerful shifting with both mechanical and electronic drivetrains.  

The Praxis Works Levatime II X-Kit Chainring and Spider kit is available in 53T/39T, 52T/36T, 50T/34T, and 48T/32T combinations. These kits use the SRAM direct mount standard and are designed to work with any Praxis 3-Bolt direct mount road crank (each kit includes a dovetail spacer of use with narrower shaped Praxis alloy cranks). These rings are compatible with 10/11 speed drivetrains from Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo. While they are compatible with both the mechanical and electronic groupset offerings from these manufacturers, they are not currently compatible for use with SRAM AXS chains.





MaterialCold Forged 7075-T6 aluminum
Crank CompatibilityPraxis Works 3-Bolt Direct Mount Road Cranks
Drivetrain Compatibility
ShimanoDi2 and Mechanical, 10/11 Speed Drivetrains
SRAME-Tap and Mechanical, 10/11 Speed Drivetrains (not currently compatible with Sram AXS chains)
CampagnoloEPS or Mechanical, 10/11 Speed Drivetrains
Chain RecommendationsPraxis Works recommends using Shimano, KMC, or Campagnolo chains for best results
53/39T w/spider246g
52/36T w/spider229g
50/34T w/spider215g
48/32T w/spider200g
Chainring Sets
Praxis Works
53T - 39T
52T - 36T
50T - 34T
48T - 32T
Praxis Works 3-Bolt Direct Mount Road