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Power Cordz Swift Cable System

Power Cordz Swift Cable System
Power Cordz Swift Cable System
Power Cordz Swift Cable System
Power Cordz Swift Cable System Brake, Black $79.72  2 Remaining
Power Cordz Swift Cable System Shifter, Black $85.18 In Stock


The Power Cordz Swift System follows suit with the beaded trend in lightweight cable systems. Compared to the design of the Alligator's iLink system and the original Nokon housing. The lightweight alloy beads use a ball and socket joint to reduce compression at all angles increasing performance in tight bends.

This bead housing technology is light, but what makes this one of the, if not the, lightest cable system is it's complete integration with the already popular Power Cordz inner cable. Included in each package is either two shift or two Brake cables. The cables are spun from thousands of Zylon fiber strands, one of the strongest synthetic fibers known to man. These fiber bundles are then coated with a nylon sleeve to reduce friction, increase performance and last longer. These combine characteristics make Power Cordz the best performing and most durable cable on the market. These synthetic cables are over 75% lighter than traditional steel cables. They boast responsive control, high flexibility for those tight corners and low friction. Because they aren’t metallic they won’t corrode or rust making them ideal for wet environments while the smooth coating resists grime buildup.

Brand Shift Brake Total Weight
Swift 34.2g 36.6g 70.8g
Bungarus 38g 40.1g 83.1 g
Alligator 34.9g 55.8g 102 g
Ashima 60.2g 63.5g 131.4 g
Gore UL 39.7g 78.2g 129.7 g
Nokon 66.7g 69.65 149.2 g
Shimano 54.9g 85.4g 147.3 g
Campagnolo 60.1g 85.9g 151.1 g
Product Manuals
Powercordz Swift Installation Manual

True Weight Comparison

When we first looked at adding the ICAN Bungarus cable system to our catalog we tried to come up with a meaningful way to measure the true weight of an entire cable system. So we pulled the cables and housing off of a bike and made several kits of the same lengths to compare. First we weighed the brake and shift systems separately. Then we added all the necessary bits (ferrules, cable tips, liners, seals, etc…) and weighed the complete cabling system.


  • 240 beads for the 2m kit.
  • 3m of lining.
  • 8 end segments, two male and two female.


  1. Measure the different sections of housing requiring a liner. For internal routing one single continuous liner can be used. Leave extra liner and trim a bit at the end of the process. Extra length of liner is also required when using the Cordz inner cables with shifters. Sliding a small amount of liner into the shifter protects the cable from sharp edges in the shifter. You can ignore this and use a more standard instal with a steel shifter cable.
  2. Install beads into liners beginning with a and end segment and beads beginning with a male end piece and female beads. Finally finished with a male end segment.
  3. Fit the newly created segments onto your frame and trim inner liners to final length.
  4. Install your inner cable.