Pillar X-Tra Lite Titanium J-Bend Spokes


Pillar Spoke, a specialty manufacturer based in Taiwan, has been producing spokes for over 30 years. Combining their experience with state-of-the-art research processes and manufacturing techniques, Pillar is able to produce spokes of the highest quality that rival those of larger manufacturers. Their comprehensive catalog provides options for all types of bicycle wheels, from high spoke count workhorses to ultralight race-day wheelsets.

Pillar's X-TRA Lite Ti spoke series challenges their lightweight rivals with a spoke that is nearly 50% lighter than a standard lightweight butted spoke, and at about a gram lighter per spoke than even the lightest stainless steel alternative. At a mere 2.6 grams each, these titanium spokes allow substantial weight savings on a complete wheelset, and are a great option for climbing-specific road wheelsets and cross-country mountain wheelsets alike. The X-TRA Lite Ti is manufactured from 13 gauge wire, rather than the thinner 14 or 15 gauge common in non-titanium spokes. This thicker gauge improves the overall strength, stiffness, and fatigue life to significantly enhance the performance of these titanium spokes to a level far beyond what has been previously accepted from this exotic material.

Pillar X-TRA Lite Ti spokes have an attractive black oxide finish and are available in either straight-pull or j-bend options. 


All Pillar X-Tra Lite Ti spokes are sold individually and cut to length from unthreaded blanks. Please check your spoke lengths before ordering, as we do not offer returns on these spokes. Please note that these 13 gauge spokes require 13 gauge nipples and hub spoke holes that are at least 2.5mm in diameter. Some hubs may require their spoke holes to be drilled out to accommodate these spokes, which can void the manufacturer's warranty. Please contact us directly with compatibility questions.

Weight2.6-3.0 grams
Blade Dimensions0.9 x 2.0mm
Thread2.5mm x 56tpi (2.3mm, 13g)
Head TypeJ-Bend
Head Offset7.0mm
13g (2.3mm)