Pillar Mega Lite SS Black Spokes


Like many companies we work with, Pillar has been an OEM choice of builders for years. Their experience, choice of materials, and capabilities have made them a go to vendor for some of the largest wheel manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Drawing on that experience we can say that we're happy to offer Pillar spokes and believe they will find a home with our customers and on our custom wheel builds.

The Mega Lite SS spoke is the lightest steel spoke on the market. And it is a 2.0mm spoke; the Mega-Lites maintain compatibility with the most common nipples on the market, all without sacrificing strength at the spoke head or nipple. Their Stainless Steel compound and manufacturing process results in a spoke with a center section that can safely be drawn to a 1.3mm diameter, compared to 1.5mm (Sapim CX-Ray, DT Swiss Aerolite and Revolution) and 1.4mm (CX-Ray Super). This allows the ends to maintain the 2.0mm diameter and bypassing the compromise of dropping to 1.8mm for its weight savings. The center is then cold forged into a 1.6mm x 0.9mm blade using a similar process to the Sapim CX-Rays and DT Aerolites.

Thread Compatibility

It seems every company has a slightly different way of measuring spoke threads. We've standardized our dimensions to provide a comparable figure. The Pillar website lists the Mega Lite SS threads as 2.3mm X 56 TPI. Our measurments show a 2.2mm X 53 TPI the same as CX-Ray and other common spokes. The Mega Lite SS spokes are compatible with standard nipples.


Weight3.5 g - 3.8 g
MaterialStainless Steel
Blade Dimensions1.6 mm x .9 mm
Thread2.2 x 56 tpi (2.0 mm x 14 g)
Head typeJ-Bend, 2.0 mm