Pillar 1422 Bladed SS Rainbow J-Bend Spokes


Like other companies we work with, Pillar is an OEM manufacturer and distributor for many high end companies we’ve all heard of for years. Their ability to chose the perfect materials for any given task, coupled with years of experience in the industry makes Pillar a go-to for many industry leading wheel manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Drawing from their industry leading experience, we’re more than happy to offer Pillar spokes to our customers for their custom wheelbuilds.

The 1422 Bladed Stainless Steel Rainbow spoke is the among lightest class of bladed steel spokes available on the market. Being a 2.0mm spoke the 1422 spokes maintain compatibility with the most common nipples on the market, all without sacrificing strength at the spoke head or nipple.  The center is  cold forged into a 2.2mm x 0.95mm blade using a similar process to the Sapim CX-Rays and DT Aerolites.  

Each spoke is plated in titanium and then anodized to get that unique rainbow hue that’s sure to make your next build pop. The titanium plating does not affect spoke head or spoke thread size. The 1422 Rainbow spokes are compatible with standard nipples.

Weight4.6 g - 5.1 g
MaterialT302+ Stainless
Blade Dimensions2.2 mm x .95 mm
Thread2.2 x 56 tpi (2.0 mm x 14 g)
Head typeJ-Bend, 2.0 mm