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Parlee Z-Proto, Dave Sem Paint Job

This is the stuff that bike geeks like us drool over - a build that is custom, lightweight, detailed in all regards and red. First, Bob Parlee offered us his new proto-type frame, giving life to revolutionary ideas not yet in production, including integrated seat post, a custom carbon layup, and an all-new seat stay design. This frame features a proto-type mono seat stay that and is the first to feature an integrated bottom bracket, now standard on the Z1.

You will notice in the photos that no detail was left to chance. We worked closely with Parlee and world-class painter Dave Sem to ensure that the custom carbon layup was carefully planned in tandem with painted details and the result is spectacular. Sem took this opportunity to show just what he is capable of, spending over fifty hours covering every inch of tubing, stem, and fork, and… with details both bold and subtle. It’s one of the few bikes that you keep coming back to - and every time, it has something new to show you.

We'd like to think the frame alone is a showstopper, but in the spirit of giving you something new everytime you look closer we went further. We spent hours discussing, dreaming, and arguing about what the build list should include. When the dust settled, we had come up with a list that can do the bike justice. It includes THM Clavicula cranks, Campagnolo Record from stem to stern, and the cherry on top: the wheels. These aren’t just any wheels; a set of Lightweight Ventoux, and not just any set of Ventoux, The first set – serial number "1", signed by German fastman Erik Zabel. That's right the hardest working man in cycling, the friendly German hard man, signed our wheels. Enough Said!

  • Fork: THM Scapula SP Tuned
  • Wheels: Lightweight Obermiers Serial #1 Signed by Erik Zabel
  • Cranks: THM Clavicula
  • Chain: Campagnolo Record
  • Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Record
  • Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Record
  • Brake Set: AX-Lightness Orion
  • Headset: Custom Red Chris King
  • Cassette: Campagnolo Record
  • Housing: Nokon
  • Skewers: Campagnolo
  • Handlebars: Schmolke TLO
  • Shifters: Campagnolo Record
  • Saddle: AX-Lightness
  • Stem: Oval R900
  • Water Bottle Cages: Emporelli