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Pacenti Road Hub Rear

Pacenti Road Hub Rear
Pacenti Road Hub Rear
Pacenti Road Hub Rear
Pacenti Road Hub Rear
Pacenti Road Hub Rear
Pacenti Road Hub Rear
Weight240 grams
Axle Diameter15 mm
Cassette Body10 speed Shimano/Sram
Wheel Building Dimensions
Right Flange Diameter51.0 mm
Left Flange Diameter41.0 mm
Center to Left Flange37.0 mm
Center to Right Flange17.0 mm
Pacenti Road Hub Rear Rear 24 hole, Black $350.00
You Save: $150.00 
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In the last few years Pacenti has branched out from the production of materials used by small frame builders into the design and manufacture of all sorts of bicycle components. Products like the SL23 rim are proof of their ability as a company to come up with some fantastic, durable designs. With their usual stroke of genius and attention to detail, Pacenti has released their 10 speed road hub.

In a world quickly being converted to 11 speed drive trains, Pacenti has decided to offer a hub that is optimized for a 10 speed spoke bracing angle, producing a notably durable wheel. A hub such as this would be perfect as a 10 speed option for your cross bike where abuse of the wheel is an issue, or a bike that simply has yet to make the jump to 11 speed. Not only is this an optimal choice for a 10 speed wheelset, it features incredibly simple serviceability. No special tools required, just a two 5 mm allen wrenches in addition to a 10 mm allen.

If you currently run 11 speed and feel left out...don't! Pacenti will be releasing an 11 speed version of the same hub shortly.

Pacenti hubs are proudly 100% U.S made.


We recommend that wheels with Pacenti hubs be built by an experienced wheelbuilder. We are happy to provide this service, and can provide helpful suggestions in rim and spoke selections. Please contact us directly.