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Nox Asymmetric Carbon Mountain Rim

Nox Asymmetric Carbon Mountain Rim
Nox Asymmetric Carbon Mountain Rim
Nox Asymmetric Carbon Mountain Rim
Nox Asymmetric Carbon Mountain Rim
Nox Asymmetric Carbon Mountain Rim
XCR-29 Specifications
Weight 385 grams
Width (External) 31 mm
Width (Internal) 24 mm
Depth 25 mm
Available Drillings 32 hole
Tire Compatibility 29er clincher (ISO 622),
29er UST
ERD 595
AM-27.5 Specifications
Weight420 grams
Width (External)35 mm
Width (Internal)28 mm
Depth25 mm
Available Drillings32 hole
Tire Compatibility650b clincher (ISO 584)
Nox Asymmetric Carbon Mountain Rim AM-27.5, 32 hole $450.00
You Save: $150.00 
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Nox Composites is a relatively new entry into the carbon rim and components market. They're bringing some exciting new products and engineering. The XCR-29 was their first product and the inspiration behind the Tennessee based company and they're pretty happy with how it turned out, “Stiff, durable and light.. consider physics defied.” With the weight, price, and features we're inclined to agree with them.

The XCR and AM rims are an all carbon clincher with an asymmetric design that helps balance tension between left and right side. This creates a stronger wheel that will be better at resisting spoke fatigue. The balancing of spoke tension also helps prevent rim failures at the nipple bed. This is a problem that Nox claims is largely due to inconsistencies in the carbon layup, along with epoxy bubbles in lesser carbon rims -- issues that Nox has spent a tremendous amount of time addressing.

Nox has also worked to develop a modern rim shape, subscribing to the wider is faster theory that is getting more supporting data every day. The inner bead width measures 24mm on the XCR-29 and 28mm on the AM-27.5, putting it right in line with ENVE's All Mountain rims. Further Nox has put a lot of forethought into protecting the rim bead against impact damage. They reinforce the rim bead with a significant amount of extra purpose-specific 3k carbon. The 3k carbon weave is more resistant to impacts and will prevent a crack from spreading if a rim strike does occur.

Wheel Building

Like all of our rims we are happy to build your wheelset using the Nox rim right here in Tucson Az. We have a staff of professional builders that build all of our wheels by hand and have over fifty years of combined experience. If you're interested in a wheel build we have a selection of the best hubs, spokes and custom options for you to chose from.