Molten Speed Wax


By approaching drivetrain friction from a totally unique angle, Molten Speed Wax has created an unconventional chain lubricant that boasts an unheard of 6% drop in friction throughout the chain, making it perhaps the ideal choice for cyclists of every tier. Utilizing DuPont PTFE, highly refined paraffin, and the smallest micron size Molybdenum, Molten Speed Wax brings the benefits of extreme low friction to your chain, while simultaneously keeping it free of grease and grime. Simple to install, yet long lasting, each chain takes a matter of a few minutes to completely lubricate, and will remain at peak performance for hundreds of miles. Each 1lb bag of Molten Speed Wax is enough to coat 12 training chains for 400+ miles, or 8 race day chains for 200 miles. Additionally, due to the nature of the wax, your chain will remain completely clean and free of black grease, making transportation and mechanical adjustments a breeze.

For detailed instructions on how to professionally apply Molten Speed Wax to your chain, check out Molten Speed Wax’s website here.

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