Mcfk Offset Carbon Seatpost


Manufacturing some of the lightest seatposts on the market, Mcfk has become well known for their well designed and meticulously constructed carbon components. Handmade in Germany, and not skimping on durability or quality, Mcfk has elegantly crafted their carbon post with an exclusive layup and molding technique. The asymmetric layup allows Mcfk to utilize a minimal amount of materials to produce a post that is sturdy while maintaining flexibility to damp harsh road and trail conditions. Using a twin bolt and cradle design the Mcfk carbon post allows precise adjustment of both angle and position. The short cradle allows for an extended adjustment range ensuring you get the perfect fit dialed in with little fuss. Available in a range of diameters and lengths these posts will fit almost every need. The perfect post for your next build awaits, choose from two different finishes to complement your finest frame and components.

Insertion Range

In an effort to lighten the post as much as possible Mcfk has removed all excess material. Due to this construction, the post can only be clamped within the reinforced clamping zone. Above the 100mm minimum insertion length the clamping area is 120mm long and can be identified by the change in carbon layup.This means the distance between the frame and saddle rails must be factored in when purchasing a post. The exposed length of post between the saddle and frame needs to fit within the ranges of 100mm - 220mm for 320mm posts, and 200mm - 320mm for the 420mm post. The specific construction of the Mcfk post means that it cannot be cut or shortened and can only be clamped in the reinforced area. Carbon assembly paste is strongly recommended when installing this post.

If you have any questions on the fitment of an Mcfk post to your bicycle please contact us at our webstore.

Bolt Material6/4 titanium, m5
Clamping Plate Material7075 T6 aluminum
Max torque6 Nm
Rail CompatibilityRound
UD Matte
UseRoad, Cross Country
Rider Weight Limit100 kg (220 lbs)
Insertion Ranges
320 mm Length100 - 220 mm
420 mm Length200 - 320 mm
25.4 x 320 mm
25.4 x 420 mm
122 grams
145 grams
27.2 x 320 mm
27.2 x 420 mm
130 grams
144 grams
30.9 x 320 mm
30.9 x 420 mm
146 grams
165 grams
31.6 x 320 mm
31.6 x 420 mm
146 grams
165 grams
Straight Post
UD Matte