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Mcfk Front Derailleur Clamp

Mcfk Front Derailleur Clamp
Mcfk Front Derailleur Clamp
Material Carbon Fiber Body, Titanium hardware
34.9mm ~6 grams
34.0mm - 36.2mm ~13.1 grams
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Full MCFK Front Derailleur Manual
Mcfk Front Derailleur Clamp 34.0-36.2mm $100.00
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Mcfk's carbon fiber front derailleur clamp is a an excellent upgrade for those who want to shed a few grams while improving the aesthetics of their bike. This clamp is much lighter than the OEM offerings, but provides all the performance of heavier clamps. Made of woven carbon fiber and finished off with a titanium screw, this clamp is not only lightweight and functional, but also a very attractive upgrade to the front derailleur.

34.0mm - 36.2mm Clamp Range

Mcfk's adjustable derailleur clamp adjusts simply by using a second bolt on the none drive side of the bike. The clamping interface for the derailleur is the same as the fixed diameter clamp providing a strong and durable interface. The non drive side uses a modified version of MCFK's seatpost clamp. The carbon does not loop around the bolt creating a breaking point in case of over tightening. This is a feature designed to decrease the possibility of cracking a seat tube during installation.

Installing the Adjustable Diameter Clamp

First, tighten the derailleur bolt to 5Nm with the non drive side bolt hand tight. Second, tighten the non drive side bolt to 2Nm.