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Mcfk Expander Plug

Mcfk Expander Plug

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Weight 11.7 grams
Compatible Steerer Tube I.D. 23.5 – 25.8 mm
Material 7075 T6 aluminum
Use road, cross country, cyclocross
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Mcfk's expander plug is a lightweight alternate to almost any expander plug. Compared to others in its weight range this plug has a stronger friction fit with its textured interface. The M10 fine threading and an 8mm hex for installation ensure long life and provide enough expanding force to lock into carbon alloy or steel. These two features mean you need half the force to tighten the expander plug compared to Extralite's Ultrastar 2. This puts less pressure on your steer tube and spreads it over a larger area.


Please accurately measure the inner diameter of your fork's steerer tube before ordering to ensure compatibility.


First, use a file or deburring tool to clean the upper inner edge of the steerer tube. Next, using an 8 mm hex wrench, adjust the expander plug so that it will slip into the steerer tube with mild hand pressure. Insert it to a depth of 5-10 mm, and use a torque wrench to tighten the wedge to 7.5Nm (for Carbon Steer Tubes). The Mcfk exapnder plug is compatible with standard M6 top cap preload bolts.