Mcfk 25mm Carbon Road Disc Clincher Rims


Producing some incredibly light carbon components, Mcfk has established themselves as a serious contender among carbon component manufacturers. Crafted exclusively in Germany with meticulous attention to quality and detail, each Mcfk product features their identifying subtle flair. Distilled down to only the necessary elements, Mcfk components add that one-of-a-kind look to both custom and production builds alike.

With the road disc brake platform becoming ever more popular, Mcfk has brought their individual taste to the market. Their specific manufacturing process allows for a rim with the same performance metrics as their competitors at a significantly lower weight. Through specific layering techniques, Mcfk has achieved astoundingly lightweight rims that are more durable and perform better than many other heavier options. Where many rims are manufactured by bonding several pieces together Mcfk has chosen a monocoque construction method. While this method is labor intensive and more difficult to complete, the end product is a stronger, lighter rim with less variance in resin volume and wall thickness. Designed for disc-only applications, these rims can be made significantly lighter compared to traditional rims with a braking surface.

These 25mm deep rims are a climber's special, with a super shallow cross section for the lowest possible weight. Far from flimsy though, these rims retain the stiff and responsive characteristics of a carbon rim despite their minimal mass. Using an asymmetric design allows for more even spoke tension across the wheel, leading to increased durability and less lateral flex. Mcfk rims feature laminated spoke holes which are stronger than the drilled holes found on many competitors rims. Fully tubeless compatible, these rims have a proprietary valve seat design. This allows the valve head to sit lower in the rim making tire installation easier and faster. While this technology was implemented for tubeless systems, it also makes tire installation with tubes less of a hassle. Stacked with features, Mcfk rims are some of the finest rims on the market that offer riders a premium option when building a custom wheelset.

Mcfk rims are covered by a two year warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship.

For their road disc rims, Mcfk recommends a tire width of 25-35mm.


We recommend that wheels with Mcfk carbon rims be assembled by an experienced wheel builder. Mcfk recommends a maximum spoke tension of 110 kgf, with an average of 100 kgf. Tubeless tape with a width of 19mm is recommended, paired with 36mm long tubeless valves. 

Weight345 grams
External Width26.5mm
Internal Width18.0mm
Tire CompatibilityISO 622, tubeless compatible
Recommended Tire Width23-35mm
Materialcarbon fiber
FinishUD Matte
Brake Compatibilitydisc brake only
Clincher Rims
Tubeless Rims
UD Matte
Road Disc