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Lezyne RAP-14 Multitool

Lezyne RAP-14 Multitool
Lezyne RAP-14 Multitool
Weight157 grams
Height18 mm
Width50 mm
Length80.8 mm
Lezyne RAP-14 Multitool RAP-14 Multitool $29.99 In Stock


Loaded with a few more features than the V10, which may prove to be just what you need during your next unexpected technical, mid ride. Handsomely CNC machined and extremely compact, the RAP-14 is an excellent choice to keep in your saddle bag. Just in case.

Tool List

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 mm Allen

T25, T30

#1 Phillips

3.45, 3.22 and Mavic spoke wrench

8, 9, 10 speed chain tool

3 - 4 hr LED