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Lezyne CNC Pedal Wrench

Lezyne CNC Pedal Wrench
Compatibility15 mm
Lezyne CNC Pedal Wrench CNC Pedal Wrench $35.00 Notify Me When Available


Lezyne’s CNC Pedal Rod is the last pedal wrench you’ll ever buy. In a world of increasingly ephemeral products, this pedal wrench, with a handle crafted of 100% CNC-machined aluminum, and a heat treated, stamped steel head, is designed to be indestructible. Two steel fastening bolts join the handle and head, creating an extremely rigid tool. Two offset 15mm wrench openings (as well as a necessary bottle opener), allow for maximum torque in pedal installation and removal.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, look no further than Lezyne’s Classic Pedal Rod, which sports a classy varnished wood handle for a comfortable grip.